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Wood Chipping In Rotherham

Do you have trees, branches, bushes, or other wood you want to get rid of?

Removing, transporting, and disposing of such wood can take a long time and be a lot of work.

There is an easier solution!

We can come with our wood chipper and quickly turn this into woodchips. This makes the cleanup easy, fast, and inexpensive. In addition, the woodchips have several useful applications. 👍

We can process all kinds of trees, branches and anything made of wood.

And we do the work:




And at the lowest price

Contact us, and we can arrange a time for an inspection to assess the job. This inspection is completely free of charge and non-binding. 👍

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Cheapest chipping in Rotherham

When Is Wood Chipping A Smart Choice?

There are several good reasons for grinding trees, branches, etc. into woodchips. These are the most common ones:

After felling a tree, what do you do with it? You could chop it into firewood. But this is time-consuming and a lot of work. So is transporting and disposing of it. If you simply want to get rid of it, turning everything into woodchips is easy, quick, and inexpensive.

You may have the same situation after having pruned several trees, hedges, bushes, etc. The fastest and most economical solution to get rid of this, is often to turn it into woodchips.

Not so many years ago, it would have been common to burn branches, bushes, etc. to dispose of it. But this is not very environmentally friendly, and there are also rules against it. Wood chipping is a good alternative.

Woodchips are also fantastic as organic mulch for flower beds, play areas, etc. This often stops weed growth and keeps the soil moist and the soil temperature stable. Mulch is not cheap, so this is a way to save money.

You can also use the woodchips as a nice cover for paths and small walkways.

Sometimes, you can also sell the woodchips to companies that make pressed wood or biofuel.

Wood chipping in Rotherham

How Can We Help You With Wood Chipping In Rotherham?

The first step is for you to tell us what you need help with. You can either send us photos or videos of the job and explain what you want to get done. Based on this, we may be able to give you a quote for the job.

Alternatively, we can come out for an inspection to look at the job.

This inspection is completely free of charge and non-binding. Just contact us here, and we will arrange a suitable time! 👍

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Free Inspection

Free Inspection

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After we have assessed and understood the scope of the job, we will give you a written offer. This will inform you of the cost of carrying out the work, how long it will take, and any other details you need in writing.

We can normally start the work within a few days.

If you want to keep the woodchips yourself, they’re yours. Or if you would like us to take them with us, we will do that. Just tell us what you want, and we’ll do it exactly as you wish.

Before we finish the job, we will clean up and leave your property in top condition.

We aim to do the work as safe, professional, fast, and cost-effective for you as possible. We want you to be super satisfied, and we also want you to contact us the next time you need help. 👍

Chipping branches in Rotherham

How Do We Turn Trees And Branches Into Woodchips?

To do this, we use a machine called a wood chipper. This is a powerful machine that can process all kinds of wood. 

How does it work?

Simply put, we feed the wood into one end of the machine. Inside the wood chipper, it is ground into small woodchips by sharp milling wheels made of steel.

The wood chipper sends the woodchips out the other end, where they are typically collected in a container.

We can determine the size of the woodchips, but normally they will have a length of about 2-5 cm.

How Much Does Wood Chipping Cost In Rotherham?

The cost of wood chipping will mainly depend on how the volume of trees, branches, bushes, etc. you want cut up.

In addition, some types of wood are harder than others, which can sometimes impact the price. It is also a positive if we have good access with our wood chipper.

Depending on these factors, these are the prices for wood chipping in Rotherham:

Affordable chipping in Rotherham
Wood Type & Quantity Cost (£)
50 cubic feet branches 75 – 200
100 cubic feet branches 150 – 350
7 metre pine 150 – 300
15 metre pine 350 – 500
7 metre oak 250 – 400
15 metre oak 400 – 700

But we want to be clear about one thing: Every job is unique. Therefore, the price for any given assignment may vary. The costs in the table above are therefore meant to be indicative.

To give you an accurate price quote for the assignment, we need to either review photos / videos of the job, or come out for an inspection to assess the job.

You find more information about our Rotheham wood chipping prices here.

Contact us here, and we will come for an inspection. This inspection is completely free and non-binding. 👍

017 0943 2122

Free Inspection

Free Inspection

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Email Us

We Always Put Safety First

Safety is our main priority when we do wood chipping, as well as when we perform any kind of job.

A wood chipper is a powerful machine that grinds up everything it’s fed. It is therefore essential to handle it in a correct and controlled manner. Before getting started, we will assess the wood to be processed to uncover obvious danger points.

We also use safe working methods. This enables us to carry out our tasks carefully and reduce the risk as much as possible.

Our workers have liability and personal injury insurance, and use the necessary safety equipment when on assignments.

In addition, we use safe job analysis to map risks and ensure the safety of the assignments we carry out.

You will find more information about wood chipping in Rotherham on our Google page.