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Tree Removal In Rotherham

Do you need help to remove a tree in Rotherham?

We can help you!

With over 20 years of experience with tree removal and tree felling in Rotherham, we can help you regardless of the challenge.

We understand that you may not have the time to remove a tree yourself. Or that you may not have the knowledge or equipment to do it safely and correctly. Or maybe you’re not particularly keen on doing it yourself (removing trees might not be your favorite activity 😄).

But we can do the job for you. We have the knowledge, expertise, and equipment to do the job. And we enjoy the work. Also, we can help you with just one tree, or as many as you like.

Not only that, but we perform the tree removal:




And at the lowest price

Contact us to arrange a time for an inspection. This inspection is completely free of charge and non-binding. 👍

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Cheapest tree felling in Rotherham

Why Remove A Tree?

These are some of the most common reasons why our clients want to remove a tree:

The tree may have become too large for the garden, patio, etc.

It may have grown too close to houses, buildings, roads, telephone lines, etc.

The tree’s health may be poor, potentially causing damage to property or people.

It may have been infected by insects, fungi, or other pathogens.

The tree may have been damaged by strong winds, snow, ice, or something else.

It may obstruct the growth of other trees, hedges, shrubs, etc.

The tree may be removed for new construction or a change of land use.

It may obstruct views from the property.

Some clients want to plant a new tree, shrub, or hedge where the tree currently stands.

How to cut down a tree in Rotherham

How Can We Help You With Tree Removal In Rotherham?

The first step is for us to come for an inspection. This gives us an opportunity to survey the tree (or trees) and the surroundings, and understand the job. This inspection is completely free of charge and non-binding. 👍

Contact us here, and we will arrange a day and time for an inspection! 

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Free Inspection

Free Inspection

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After conducting the inspection and understanding the assignment, we will provide you with a written price quote for completing the job. This will specify the cost of the job, how quickly we can get it done, and all other details you need in writing.

In some cases, we can also give you this estimate if you send us images or a video, and a brief description of the job.

We want to emphasize that we are flexible and can carry out the tree removal according to your needs:

For example, we can fell it, leave it on the ground, and let you handle the rest.

Or we can cut the tree and branches into 30cm lengths so that you can handle the rest yourself.

We can also cut it down and take it with us, leaving only the stump behind.

Let us know your preferences, and we will do the job exactly as you want. 👍

We can normally start the job within a couple of days.

Before we leave, we will also clean up and leave your property in top condition.

Our goal is to make the work as safe, professional, quick, and cost-effective for you as possible. We want you to be super satisfied, and we would very much want you to contact us again the next time you need help. 👍

Cheapest Trefelling in Rotherham

How Do We Usually Fell A Tree In Rotherham?

We usually perform tree felling using one of two methods: Straight felling or sectional felling. Which method we choose will depend on what the situation requires. Let us explain both methods.

Straight Tree Felling In Rotherham

Straight felling is the most common way to fell a tree. It is done by cutting the tree at the base of the trunk, and then making it fall to the ground in a controlled manner.

What is the process?

In order to control how and when it falls to the ground, we need to create what’s called a hinge. 

First, we make what is called a face notch (also called a directional notch). We cut this notch in the direction we want the tree to fall. The face notch should have an angle of approximately 60-70 degrees, and it should be cut to about 25% of the trunk’s thickness.

Step 2 is to create what’s called the back cut. It is a horizontal cut from the opposite side of the trunk, almost up to the face notch we just made. It’s crucial that we don’t cut all the way to the face notch, but leave about 2-4 cm uncut. This uncut part is the hinge.

In other words, we will have now cut through the entire trunk, except for these 2-4 cm.

At this point, minimal effort is needed for the tree to fall because it rests on the hinge. We can now make it fall in the direction of the face notch in a controlled manner, using wedges, ropes, and slings.

Court Trefelling in Rotherham

The reason the tree won’t fall sideways or backward is the face notch. The face notch gives it only one option: To fall in the direction of the notch.

Although straight felling is the simplest and most common way to bring down trees, it is not always possible to fell large trees using this method in Rotherham. The reason is that there is often not enough free space for it to fall to the ground without causing damage to buildings or surroundings.

When there is insufficient space for a straight felling, we perform a sectional felling.

Sectional Tree Felling In Rotherham

Sectional felling is a more complicated way to bring down a tree, and typically takes longer to complete.

How is sectional felling done?

We can perform sectional felling in two ways: Climb up the tree (using necessary safety equipment) and carry out the work from there, or do the work from a lift. The method we use will depend on the situation (tree size, surroundings, potential hazards, etc.).

We begin by cutting off all the branches. Once there are no branches left, the next step is to cut off the top section of the tree. This section will usually be between 1 and 2 metres in length.

We can either lower this section to the ground in a controlled and safe manner using ropes, or let it fall to the ground, depending on the situation.

Once this section is safely on the ground, we continue by cutting the next section. And then the next one. We continue like this until the entire tree lies on the ground in sections.

Section felling of trees in Rotherham

This way, the entire tree will be dismantled into smaller sections, one piece after another.

This felling method allows us to remove any tree, no matter how little space we have available.

How Much Does It Cost To Remove A Tree In Rotherham?

The cost of felling a tree in Rotherham will usually depend on these four main factors:

The size of the tree.

Whether we have free access to the tree with equipment (and lift).

Do we perform a straight or a sectional felling?

Whether we leave it, cut it into smaller pieces, or take it with us.

Depending on this, the cost of felling a tree in Rotherham will be:

Tree Size Price (£)
Up to 5 metres 75 – 200
5 – 10 metres 100 – 300
10 – 15 metres 200 – 400
15 – 20 metres 300 – 600
20 – 25 metres 400 – 800
Over 25 metres 500 – 1,000
How much does it cost to cut down a tree in Rotherham

However, each job is unique, and there may be particular factors that can affect the price. Therefore, the prices provided above are meant to be indicative.

You can find more information about tree removal prices in Rotherham here.

To provide you with an exact quote for the job, we need to either conduct an inspection to assess the assignment, or see photos / video.

We offer a completely free site inspection. In other words: This is entirely free for you. 👍

Select ‘Free Inspection’ below and fill out the form (it takes 20 seconds), and we will contact you to arrange a suitable time.

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Free Inspection

Free Inspection

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Email Us

We Can Also Remove The Tree Stump

After the tree is cut down, the stump will remain.

Now the question is:

Do you want to keep the stump? Or would you like for it to be removed as well?

If you wish to remove the stump, we can also do this for you. 👍

To do this, we use a machine called a stump grinder. We can grind away any stump, regardless of size, tree type, or condition of the stump. With a stump grinder, we will turn the stump into small wood chips.

Fastest tree felling in Rotherham

We usually grind the stump to approximately 30cm below ground level. We then typically fill the hole after the stump with wood chips from the stump + a top layer of soil (or whatever the natural top layer is). This will create an even and natural finish.

For instance, if the stump were in a lawn, we would add a top layer of soil. In a few weeks, you would then have new grass where the stump once stood.

However, if you prefer a different filling material, just let us know, and we will do precisely as you wish.

Before we leave, we will clean up after ourselves and make it look neat.

You can learn more about our Rotherham stump removal service here.

And here are our prices for stump grinding in Rotherham.

Safety Is Our First Priority At All Times

Tree removal will often come with certain risks, which is why safety is our number one priority. Before we begin removing a tree, we assess it and its surroundings and look for potential hazards. Once all of this has been evaluated, we will choose what we believe to be a safe and secure approach.

We also employ what we consider to be safe working methods when felling a tree. To make the job as safe and efficient as possible, we usually have a plan to identify potential hazards during the assignment. Additionally, we use a safety job analysis to analyze potential risks and ensure safety on our jobs.

Safe tree felling in Rotherham

This approach allows us to carry out tree felling correctly and safely and minimize the risk as much as possible.

All of our workers have liability insurance and personal injury insurance, and we always use safety equipment when we are out on assignments.

You can find more information about tree removal in Rotherham on our Google page.