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Tree Pruning In Rotherham

Do you need help with tree pruning in Rotherham?

We can help you!

We have over 20 years of experience caring for and pruning trees in Rotherham. We can trim and prune all types of trees, regardless of the situation. And no job is too big or too small.

Also, we understand that not everyone has the time for pruning, or the knowledge or tools to do it safely and correctly. You may also not be particularly keen on doing it yourself.

But we can do it for you. We have the expertise, skills, the proper equipment, and we enjoy working with trees.

Not only that, but we do the work:




And at the lowest price

Contact us today, and we will arrange a suitable time for an inspection. The inspection is completely free of charge and non-binding. 👍

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Cheapest tree care in Rotherham

Why Should You Prune A Tree?

You can consider tree pruning as maintenance. And just like most people do periodic maintenance of their house, car, bicycle, etc., pruning should also be regular maintenance for trees you care about.

Pruning has many benefits. Here are some of the most important ones:

More growth: When you prune a branch correctly, you stimulate the branch to grow. However, it’s important to prune correctly. It’s vital to prune just above the growth nodes on the branches. If you want, you can prune multiple branches at these points to encourage vigorous growth. If one side of the tree has significantly less growth than the other, this pruning can be especially effective in balancing the tree’s structure.

More fruit: When you prune a fruit tree correctly, you will usually get more flower buds. This typically results in more fruit in the fall. You can also lightly prune fruit trees during the summer to improve air circulation around the fruits. This will generally lead to fewer insect attacks and fewer fruit diseases.

Affordable tree care in Rotherham

Better health and longer life: Proper pruning can improve the tree’s health. When it’s health improves, it becomes more resistant to attacks from insects, fungi, etc. This, in turn, can lead to a longer life.

Changing the tree’s shape: We can make a tree grow in a desired shape using special pruning techniques. For example, we can recreate it’s natural form or produce round or square shapes.

More attractive: By cutting off dead, damaged, and unwanted branches, we can make a tree look more attractive.

Reduce potential damage: A tree may get damaged or become weak. In such cases, branches or the entire tree can fall down, potentially harming people, properties, power lines, etc. With proper pruning, we can reduce the risk of such damage.

Improved views: Trees and bushes often grow incredibly fast, and it doesn’t take long before they obstruct the views from your property. To get better views, we can trim away this excessive growth. We can also perform a crown reduction (cutting the top of the tree) to open up the views.

Tree pruning in Rotherham

Let in more sunlight: Overgrowth of vegetation often creates shade. If you want more sunlight, you can cut away this excessive growth.

Saving it’s life: When a tree is damaged by snow, ice, wind, or similar factors, you can, in some cases, save its life with proper pruning.

Please do not mistake pruning for cutting off random branches here and there.

In order to prune a tree correctly, certain principles should be followed. This is based on science. If you cut branches in the wrong places or if you trim off too many branches, you can cause significant damage.

In the worst case, improper pruning can lead to the death of the entire tree.

A rule of thumb is that you should not trim away more than 1/4 of the branches on the tree. If you cut off more, this will often make it difficult for it to recover.

Also, be aware that in some cases, pruning should be done differently for different tree species. This is because some species require a more precise timing for pruning, and the actual pruning technique can be specific to that particular kind of tree.

When Should You Prune Trees

If you need help with pruning, trimming, or tree care in or around Rotheham, contact us today, and we will assist you. 👍

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When Is It Best To Prune Trees? Winter or Summer?

It is best to prune during the winter.


The reason is that trees go into dormancy during the winter. And when they are in dormancy, they are less active. They are waiting for warmer temperatures to start reproducing again.

When you prune while trees are in dormancy, you achieve these benefits:

Tree care large tree in Rotherham

The trees experience less stress: Since they are in dormant growth mode, they experience less distress from pruning. This pruning also allows them ample time to heal and recover.

Reduced risks: During winter, insects, fungi, and pathogens are often in dormancy as well. Therefore, there is a lower chance of attacks from these invaders during the winter.

Better view of the tree structure: During winter, when the leaves have fallen, it is easier to see the it’s structure. Consequently, it is simpler to identify which branches should be cut.

Increased fruit production: We already mentioned this: Pruning in winter typically leads to fruit trees producing more fruit.

But many people ask if it’s okay to prune trees in spring or summer.

And the answer is that you can do a “soft” pruning in summer or spring.


To do the “major pruning” in spring or summer is not advisable.

And you should only perform pruning in spring or summer under specific circumstances. The most common ones are:

Tree trimming in Rotherham

Strong winds or heavy snowfall can damage branches, which may later fall off and cause property damage. It is wise to cut these branches.

It is wise to trim away branches that are affected by fungi and insects, or have become diseased.

After the leaves have grown out, you get a different view of the tree than during the winter. Therefore, you can do light pruning in spring or summer to achieve the desired shape.

You can do light pruning in spring or summer to open up the tree, increase air circulation, and allow more sunlight.

You can also prune trees that have grown too large and are simply in the way.

Even though some pruning can be done in spring or summer, you should trim as little as possible during the growing season. And we recommend that you avoid severe pruning more than once a year.

Pruning heavily more than once a year can cause significant damage, or potentially kill the tree.

We Can Help You With Tree Care In Rotherham

How Can We Help You With Tree Pruning In Rotherham?

The best way for us to help you, is to come for an inspection to assess the what you need help with.

This inspection is completely free of charge and non-binding. 👍

Contact us here, and we will arrange a suitable time for an inspection!

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Free Inspection

Free Inspection

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After we have conducted the inspection and understood the scope of the work, we will provide you with a written quote for the job.

This quote will include a price breakdown, the estimated duration of the work, the starting date, and all other details you need in writing.

Typically, we can commence the work within a few days.

After we have finished pruning your trees, the ground will usually be covered with branches. If you wish to keep the branches yourself, just let us know. We can also take them with us or grind them into wood chips if you prefer. Just let us know what you want, and we will accommodate your wishes.

Regardless of whether we leave the branches, we will clean up after ourselves and leave your property in excellent condition before we depart.

We will always do our best to perform the work quickly, professionally, and as cost-effectively for you as possible. We want you to be delighted with our job, and we would also love to help you next time you need a tree surgeon. 👍

How to prune a tree in Rotherham

How Will We Prune Your Tree(s)?

Before we begin the work, knowing why you want to prune the tree is essential.

Do you want a periodic pruning? Do you wish to remove branches that could harm people, pets, or property? Are you looking to change the shape of the tree? Or do you have any other specific preferences?

Once we understand your desires, we can plan and execute the work accordingly.

With that said, our approach will often be as follows:

The first thing we will do is to assess the size and shape of the tree. Then, we will determine how we want it to look when the work is completed.

Through this assessment, we will identify the branches that form the tree’s “skeleton.” We will not cut these branches because it could cause harm.

We will start by trimming away damaged and broken branches. It is wise to remove these branches so that they do not “steal” water and nutrients from the healthy branches.

Next, we will thin out areas with excessive branches. We will cut branches that are crossing or which are very close to each other. This allows sunlight to reach more parts of the tree and increases air circulation, often resulting in fewer attacks from fungi and insects.

Next, we will trim away branches that grow inward (toward the tree’s center). These branches are typically less aesthetically pleasing and disrupt the optimal structure.

We will also remove branches that may be in the way, such as those obstructing the views from your property, those that are too close to buildings, etc.

If you want the tree to have a specific shape (round, square, or similar), we will prune accordingly.

Hedge trimming in Rotherham

We mentioned earlier that you should not trim away more than 25% of a tree’s branches, and we always stay within this limit. 

How Much Does Tree Pruning Cost In Rotherham?

The price of tree pruning in Rotherham will depend on these four main factors:

The amount of work: Pruning seven trees requires more work than pruning just one. Therefore, it will usually cost more to prune more trees. However, we will provide a quantity discount if you want to have several ones pruned simultaneously.

Tree health: If fungi or insects have attacked the tree, pruning often requires more work. As a result, it will usually cost a bit more.

Safety concerns: If the tree is close to power lines or property that could potentially be damaged during pruning, the job will usually require more safety measures and, therefore, may cost a bit more as well.

Access: If we have good access to the trees with machinery and equipment, this will keep the price down.

These are usually our costs for tree pruning in Rotherham:

Tree Size Price (£)
Up to 5 metres 50 – 150
5 – 10 metres 75 – 200
10 – 15 metres 100 – 300
15 – 20 metres 150 – 400
20 – 25 metres 200 – 500
Over 25 metres 250 – 700
How Much Does Tree Care Cost in Rotherham

However, we want to stress that there may be specific circumstances about the job that could affect the price. Therefore, the prices in the table above are intended to be indicative.

In order to give you an accurate price estimate for the job, we first need to conduct an inspection to assess the work (we may also provide a price estimate if you send images or videos of the job + a short description).

After the inspection, we will provide you with a written quote with a specific price. You can find more information about our tree pruning prices in Rotherham here.

Contact us here, and we will arrange a suitable time for the inspection.

This inspection is completely free of charge and non-binding. 👍

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Free Inspection

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Crown Reduction In Rotherham

Trees in Rotherham grow very fast, and it doesn’t take long before they have grown so tall that they are rubbing against the walls of your house, or obstructing your views.

In such cases, a simple solution is to cut off the top of the tree and trim the upper branches. This is called a crown reduction.

A tree in contact with houses or buildings can introduce moisture, fungi, and insects, which is usually not what you want.

Some might consider removing the entire tree, but reducing it’s crown is faster, easier, and less expensive. Also, we should really only cut down trees when necessary.

Tree care in Rotherham

We Always Put Safety First

We always prioritize safety as our number one concern when pruning trees. Before we start any job, we conduct a thorough assessment of potential risks. And then we choose methods that we believe reduce the likelihood of these risks materialising.

When we prune trees, we use sharp scissors, motorized saws, and other tools that can cause potential harm. Therefore, we always adhere to safe work practices to perform our job carefully, and minimize risks as much as possible.

Our workers have liability insurance and personal injury insurance, and they always use necessary safety equipment while carrying out jobs.

You can find more information about tree pruning in Rotherham on our Google page.