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Tree Removal Price In Rotherham

Removing trees can be a time-consuming and laborious process, but we are here to handle everything for you at an affordable price.

There are four main factors that determine the cost of removing a tree in Rotherham:

Tree size: The size of the tree is a crucial factor. Removing a very large tree typically requires more work and safety measures compared to removing a smaller one. Therefore, the larger the tree, the higher the cost.

Access to the tree: If we have easy access to the tree for our personnel and machinery, the job will be easier and the cost will be lower.

Tree removal technique: Straight felling is usually cheaper than sectional felling, where we have to ‘disassemble’ the tree into smaller sections.

Afterwork: What do we do with the tree after it’s on the ground? We can cut it into 30 cm sections (for example), remove it, or leave it as is. Less work = lower cost.

Best Price Tree felling in Rotherham

Based on these 4 factors, these are our prices for tree removal in Rotherham:

Tree Size Price In £
Up to 5 metres 75 – 200
5 – 10 metres 100 – 300
10 – 15 metres 200 – 400
15 – 20 metres 300 – 600
20 – 25 metres 400 – 800
Over 25 metres 500 – 1,000

Even though the cost will generally align with the figures provided in the table above, it’s essential to note that each project is unique. Consequently, the specific cost of your job may vary from the specified estimates here. Therefore, the costs outlined in the table are intended to be indicative.

The type of post-felling work you desire will also influence the overall cost. Once we have safely brought down the tree, we can either leave it on the ground for you to manage as you wish or cut it into smaller sections, such as 30 cm, for convenient firewood use.

Alternatively, we can remove the entire tree, leaving only the stump. If you want, we can also grind away the stump. Let us know your preferences, and we will do as you wish. 👍

How can we give you a price quote for the job?

In some instances, we can offer a quote based on pictures or a video of the tree and its surroundings, along with a brief description of your requirements. In other cases, an on-site inspection is necessary to thoroughly assess the job and provide an accurate price.

Once we have understood the details of the project, we will present you with a written price quote. This quote will include the cost of the job, a description of the work, the scheduled timeframe, and other essential details.

Based on this price quote, you can decide whether you want us to proceed with the work or not. If you do not want our help, there is no obligation to accept the offer.

Feel free to contact us here, and we will arrange a suitable time for an on-site inspection. This inspection is entirely non-binding and entirely free of charge. 👍

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Free Inspection

Free Inspection

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Email Us

And if you want us to remove more than one tree, we will also provide you with a volume discount. 👍

If you want to learn more about how we fell a tree, our methods, and our focus on safety (and more), you can find more information on our dedicated page for tree removal in Rotherham.

You can also find more information about prices for tree removal in Rotherham on our Google page.