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The Price Of Hedge Trimming In Rotherham

The price for trimming a hedge in Rotherham will depend on seven factors:

Size: The higher and longer the hedge is, the more work it will take to trim it, and hence the higher the price.

Scope: Whether you want us to trim one side or both, and whether you want us to lower the top of the hedge, will also impact the price.

Condition: If the hedge’s health is poor (for example, if it is attacked by insects or fungi), it may cost more since the job will require more safety and caution.

Type: A hedge consisting of small, delicate leaves will take somewhat longer to trim and may, in some cases, be more expensive than a hedge of robust, evergreen needles.

Shape: If you want a specific shape, the cost will be higher than if you want a simple trimming. This is because it takes more time and precision to create these shapes.

Access: If we have easy access to the hedge with crew and machines, the cost will be kept down.

Waste: If you want us to remove and dispose of waste, this will also affect the price.

Based on the above, these are our prices for trimming hedges of different lengths:

Low cost hedge trimming in Rotherham
Hedge Length Price (£)
5 metres 75 – 200
10 metres 150 – 300
15 metres 250 – 400
20 metres 350 – 500
25 metres 450 – 600
30 metres 550 – 700

The price will usually be as in the table above, but each job is unique, and costs may therefore vary. Hence, the prices above are intended to be indicative.

How can we provide you with a specific price quote?

You can send us pictures or a video of the hedge and the surrounding area. Based on this, we can, in many cases, provide you with a price quote.

Or we can come for a free inspection to review the hedge.

After we have understood the job you want to have done, we will provide you with a written price quote. This will specify the cost of performing the job, the work to be done, when it will be done, and other important details.

Based on this, you can choose whether you want us to proceed with the work or not. If you decide not to enlist our help, there is no obligation to accept the quote.

Contact us here, and we will arrange a suitable time for a survey. This survey is non-binding and completely free of charge. 👍

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Free Inspection

Free Inspection

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If you want us to trim multiple hedges, we will also provide you with a quantity discount. 👍

And if you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you trim or remove a hedge, our methods, procedures, our focus on safety (and more), you can find more information on our page about hedge trimming in Rotherham.

You can also find more information about hedge trimming prices in Rotherham on our Google page.