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Who Are We?

We at Rotherham Tree Services are dedicated arborists with over 20 years of experience in tree services.

We offer a comprehensive range of services, including tree removal, wood chipping, hedge cutting, tree pruning, stump removal, site clearance, and more.

How can we help you?

Cutting down a tree, pruning trees, or removing a tree stump can often be time-consuming and physically demanding work. It’s possible that you may not have the desire, time, or capacity to do this yourself.

But we can take care of the job for you. This way, you can spend your time on what you want, and at the same time have the work done professionally, correctly and efficiently. 👍

We have been providing tree services in Rotherham (and surrounding areas) for more than two decades, and we are familiar with all local neighborhoods. Additionally, we have complete knowledge of current regulations concerning tree felling, noise levels, etc. in these areas. Therefore, we know what is allowed and not allowed, according to local rules and regulations. You will be in professional hands with us, which ensures that you avoid potential issues and penalties later on.

We want to emphasise that safety is always our top priority.

Our work often involves some level of risk. For instance, felling a tree can pose certain dangers. A large tree can weigh several tons, and if it were to fall onto a building, a vehicle, a person, etc., it could cause significant damage.

Moreover, we use chainsaws, stump grinders, and heavy machinery when carrying out our assignments. If not used correctly, these tools can also potentially cause serious harm.

That’s why we take all possible precautions and always prioritise safety.

What does this mean for the execution of our tasks?

That means we always have a plan for how to perform each task. Before starting the assignment, we will assess potential hazards, surroundings, nearby buildings, flow of people, etc. We then evaluate carefully and choose what we conclude to be safe working methods.

 Rotherham Tree service chooses safe working methods

All personnel involved in the work are also insured with liability insurance.

After safety, quality is our next priority.

We always strive to deliver top-quality work. We take pride in making our clients happy and maintaining our good reputation.

Therefore, our workers are trained, skilled, competent, and highly experienced in tree services and customer care. 

Why is it so important to consistently deliver top-quality work?

Firstly, we want you as our client, to be extremely satisfied with our work, and we want you to be happy you chose us.

Secondly, our work only gives us full meaning when we deliver results we are proud of.

Thirdly, delivering top quality jobs leads to more business for us. Satisfied clients tend to recommend us to their friends and contacts, and they often reach out to us again the next time they need help.

So, safety and quality are our two main priorities. Additionally, we carry out all our tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is generally not an issue because of our solid expertise and experience, and we seldom encounter tasks that are new to us.

And one more important thing:

We also do our best to be environmentally conscious. We greatly respect the environment and our surroundings, and strive to care for what we have.

Whenever possible, waste is recycled. If recycling is not an option, it is disposed of responsibly. In some cases, we also donate trees and other material to local businesses, schools, charitable projects, etc.

Why Choose Rotherham Tree service

Why Should You Choose Rotherham Tree Services?

We provide you with top-quality work.

We offer a price guarantee: You pay us only when the job is completed according to the agreed-upon contract.

We provide all kinds of tree services, whether it’s tree felling, trimming, stump grinding, lot clearing, wood chipping, etc.

We have more than 20 years of experience.

Our inspection is 100% free of charge and comes with no strings attached.

Typically, we can start the job within a couple of days, and we will complete the job as quickly as possible.

Our workers are insured with liability insurance, and we have general liability insurance.

Our prices are very affordable.

We treat your property as if it were our own. 👍

Contact us today to arrange a free inspection!

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Free Inspection

Free Inspection

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